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Player Character: Zeen Lone

Zeen Lone, played by Harrison Ford.

Zeen Lone (PDF Sheet)
Gun Runner

Good (+4): Athletics
Good (+3): Might, Guns
Fair (+2): Resources, Deceit, Fists
Average (+1): Resolve, Endurance, Starship Pilot, Alertness

Mighty Leap
Herculean Strength
Con Man
Access to Pirated Goods
Access to Weapons

Code of Justice
Supreme (Over)confidence
Secret glory hound
“The check’s in the mail”
“Nice gun, mister!”
Dark past

Fate points: 3

Zeen Lone in: Free to Fire

Zeen Lone was born in a glass tube, and pretty much since then authorities have been making decisions for him. He had all the natural gifts of being a Syn and was quickly identified as a prime candidate for Infantry Special Forces. Showing a keen skill and interests in firearms, unlike many Syn’s however, Zeen had an unusually persuasive personality. Using some re-appropriated weapons shipments, Zeen bought himself passage from the Core to the Trade Expanse where he began to establish a reputation as the man who can provide ‘the right gun for the right job”.

Freed from the rigors of military Syn life, Zeen often enjoys living a risky life, often racking up huge debts in search of a big score. He does have a personal code of justice that usually involves using either the impressive athletic feats or his weapons cache to bring the mighty low. He sometimes seems haunted by his carefully built military youth and may carry ghosts in his well designed brain.

Kenichi had just begun his travels to aid the helpless. Zeen convinced Kenichi to aid him in a staged heist of food stuffs to be flown from a surviving village to a regional warlord.

Could it be helped that there was also 3 tons of gold bouillon aboard the transport? But when push came to shove and the transport was burning in the upper atmosphere, the bouillon was lost and the starving peasants saved.


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