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Player Character: Rachel Sung / Pandora

Pandora, played by Alyssa-Jane Cook.

Rachel Sung / Pandora (PDF Sheet)

Great (+4):  Starship Engineer
Good (+3):  Starship Pilot, Academics
Fair (+2): Starship Systems, Science, Resolve
Average (+1): Alertness, Guns, Investigation, Athletics

Space Monkey
Escape Artist (Pilot)
Impossible Detail (Investigation)
Inner Strength (Resolve)
Computer Expert (Academics)

On the run from the ISO
Not quite human anymore
She’s faster than she looks
Robot Bodies – runs on batteries
Green-eyed AI

Fate points: 5

Background: The Tragic Tale of Project Pandora

Pandora was a prototype ship being outfitted with a new type of AI CPU when tragedy struck. In the chaos the explosion caused, Pandora was left alone until Capt. Jerecho Jordan came aboard. Together, they escaped the ISO research facility and headed for the Trade Expanse.

Their first mission in the Expanse was to find paying clientele, this auspicious position was filled by a strange woman traveling alone. Capt. Jerecho found a remote planet thought to be uninhabited, but her credits were good and a deal was struck. When the ship later came under attack, the sweet tempered woman known as Amelie proved an invaluable, if not terrifying, defense. Before long it seemed Amelie belonged on the ship as if she were to leave it would be too painful to bear.

Amelie traveled to Crocius 4 to find symbionts that had been left dormant and presumed to be an ancient artifact by the Warlord Ublatek. Amelie stowed aboard a transport with the dormant symbionts. The transport was attacked and waylayed by Nakat-San and Zeen. Zeen and Amelie knew each other and Nakai flys them back to the Pandora and discovers, to his shock, that Pascal is a crew member and Capt. Jordan is a righteous dude.


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