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Player Character: Pascal Verlaine

Pascal Verlaine (PDF Sheet)
Homeworld: Crucible

Great (+4):  Science
Good (+3):  Contacting, Engineering
Fair (+2): Resolve, Rapport, Empathy
Average (+1): Athletics, Academics, Guns, Resources

Big Name
Scientific Invention
Weird Science

There’s always a first time
You must suffer to be beautiful
“There must be a better way”
Three seconds remaining
“It was not intended as such, but…”


Fate points: 4

Background: Star Prince Verlaine and the Legend of the Blackstar

The Lost Army of Wu-Chen disappeared 1500 years ago, retiring to the Legendary Eldrin Blackstar – a planet of infinite power locked in a cold, dead system with no sun among frozen worlds and dead civilizations. The star-eyed Prince Pascal, scientist and socialite of the Crucible Foundation of forbidden Science, believing the legend, set out in search of it only to be kidnapped to the Ice World of Thora 4.

A botched attempt to intercept the kidnappers, demanding ransom from the nearly penniless Duchy of Verlaine, resulted in the kidnappers death, leaving Pascal and his lover Lu-Hao Xing starving and imperiled on the primitive ice world. Five years later, Xing has died and almost all hope is lost. Is there a future for Pascal and his quest to find the Legendary Blackstar?

Just when all hope seemed lost, a miracle came upon Pascal – Rescue! The ship Pandora heard his faint distress beacon.
Pandora was able to provide him with the tools he needed to continue his journey and her crew the companionship he had craved for so long.
Their landing on the dead world had been rough and the ship damaged. The Prince rolled up his sleeves and fixed the ship. Capt. Jordan asked him to stay and he accepted.


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