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Player Character: Kenichi Nakai

Kenichi Nakai (PDF Sheet)

Great (+4):  Starship Piloting
Good (+3):  Fists, Resources
Fair (+2): Athletics, Rapport, Survival
Average (+1): Alertness, Endurance, Investigation, Resolve

Escape Artist
Fighter Jock
Ship Mechanic
Personal Ship
Martial Arts
Flying Kick
Lethal Weapon

Nakai family fortunes pay dividends in trouble.
Square peg monk of Matsuzenji.
There is no highway, only my way.
Tyrants beware my well-coiffed hair.
Can it be any worse than Sensei Kiyomoto’s “advanced” training regime?

Fate points: 3


Kenichi turned twenty at the Monastery at Matsuzenji. Between the constant cleaning of his dojo and extensive flight training, there was not a great deal of time for playing around. Kenichi’s roommate Yazawa was constantly getting Kenichi into trouble. Kenichi was the first son of an affluent zaibatsu manager, and his choice to join the Monastery in defense of the Colony was not well taken. Yazawa saw it as his personal mission to bring Kenichi down a peg. When the opportunity to raid the neighboring Shukaku colony, Yazawa and Kenichi were tasked along with Sensei Kiyomoto to destroy an EWS station thirty kilometers from the colony hub. Unknown to Kenichi, Yazawa sabotaged his fighter to lose attitude control after launching his torpedo valley.

A jettisoned escape pod from the EWS, containing super scientist and avowed pacifist Prince Pascal Verlaine, intercepted the damaged fighter. Pascal used the redundant systems in the Pod along with a nearly forgotten 23rd century Boson thought experiment to engineer an impromptu hybrid craft. Despite an initial success, the vessel accelerated off-course, marooning them on the Pleasure Palace of Lady Luxor Bright and involving them in her Mad Masquerade of Murderous Intrigue. Such are the perils of the talented and beautiful.

Years later on Pandora, Kenichi delved into the archives to see the results of that horrible night. His memory is still too fresh, filled with the cries of Bright’s victims and the sight of blood and bodies. His only regret is that the devilish woman fled and escaped his justice. Now he knows…


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