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Player Character: Jericho Jordan

Jericho Jordan, played by Dimitri Lekkos.Jericho Jordan (PDF Sheet)
Homeworld: Karamis

Great (+4):  Leadership
Good (+3):  Alertness, Endurance
Fair (+2): Athletics, Intimidation, Resolve
Average (+1): Fists, Guns, Weapons, Rapport

Born Leader
Bounce Back
Danger Sense
Feel the Burn
Personal Ship

Hammer of Vega VI
No one expects the ISO Inquisition
Champion of the weak
Prince of a fellow
An honest man can’t hide from the truth

Fate points: 5

Capt. Jericho Jordan and the Trade Expanse

Captain Jordan was angry. The official of the Trade Expanse was demanding an immense “donation” to allow him to undock the Pandora and he didn’t have the credits. He’d made a deal with anther inspector and this one had stepped up in one of their endless power plays.

Jericho had always hated politics. His hand rested on the butt of his pistol and his face reddened, making the scar over his left eye shine white.

And he was about to snap… when a young “free merchant” impressed him by naming the make and model of that raptor bone pistol handle his hand rested upon. After a night’s drinking and gambling, Jericho and Zeen Lone were good friends. The Captain suspected those crates that Lone brought aboard Pandora contained stolen military-grade rifles, but he turned a blind eye to it. Besides, Lone had lost exactly the amount of the dock fee over dice the night before. After rescuing a lost prince and an alien symbiont, their crew was complete.


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