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Player Character: Amelie Quill

Amelie Quill, played by Lily Cole.

Amelie Quill (PDF Sheet)
Homeworld: Crucible

Great (+4):  Pheromones
Good (+3):  Endurance, Intimidation
Fair (+2): Athletics, Might, Empathy
Average (+1): Resolve, Stealth, Weapons, Rapport

Lightning Fast
Scary (Defend intimidation with intimidation)
Promise of Pain (Spend fate point to force psychological consequence)

I Feel You
“I’m eating for 3000”
“We are everywhere”
Love to love you
It’s just not natural

Fate points: 5

Amelie Quill in: The Desert Lands of Fanora

A small group of archaeologists set forth to explore the uninhabited planet Fanora to unlock the mysteries of legends that say a great empire once reigned here, now lost to the sands. Amelie, a young researcher who believes the stories to be true, disappears near the end of the dig only to reappear 10 long years later, seemingly unchanged, but now joined with thousands of silicon-based lifeforms who claim to be the original “mind” behind Fanora’s mysterious and epic past. Where will the Fanorans take Amelei in the search for a new home?

Capt. Jordan wasn’t sure he could trust the young woman seeking passage on the Pandora. It wasn’t so much her other-worldly air as her lack of a destination. He sighed, her money was good and Pandora needed new power cells. No choice. He hoped she wasn’t going to be as much trouble as she looked.

Zeen Lore and Kenichi Nakai were in the right place at the right time to rescue Amelie from her own rescue of symbionts from the Hoard of Lord Ublatek. Following her back, bouillon in tow, to Zeen’s old friend Jerecho and the Pandora.


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