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Character: Aern Yanus, ISO Mission Director

ISO Mission Badge

ISO Mission Badge

Born to a wealthy family in the Core Worlds, Aern Yanus converted to the ISO at an early age. He devoted himself to mastering the scholarly pursuits, then joined with the Eremites when he was of age, then going on to become a Quaesitor. Yanus distinguished himself in several armed campaigns against rogue syngenetic settlements, and became the commander of his squad. He gained a reputation for being daring to the point of recklessness and (sometimes) tenacious to the point of madness.

Following his retirement from active service in the ISO’s military arm, Yanus stayed on in an administrative capacity, proving to be just as skilled a diplomat as he was a soldier. Yanus exuded a natural charisma honed from years of leadership in the field, and put it to good use spreading the word of the ISO through more peaceful means.

When the ISO decided to expand their influence into the Trade Expanse, Yanus was a perfect candidate for the job. He took a posting as director of the Trade Expanse Mission, even using a portion of his family’s considerable funds to help build Excalibur Station.

Yanus is a man in his mid-forties, still in good physical shape, clean-shaven with a bald head and strong, although not classically handsome, features. He wears the traditional black longcoat of the ISO Eremites.

Aern Janos. Art by Ramon Sola.

Aern Janos. Art by Ramon Sola.

Superb (+5): Leadership
Great (+4): Resolve, Intimidation
Good (+3): Rapport, Resources, Academics
Fair (+2): Alertness, Athletics, Weapons, Endurance
Average (+1): Guns, Deceit, Fists, Art, Empathy

Funding (Add Leadership to organization’s Resources)

Born Leader (Add +1 to organization skill check)

Hero (+1 to organization’s Arms or Security)

Master Diplomat (+1 to organization Diplomacy checks)

Sidekick Lieutenants (6)
Quality: Good
Advances: Independent, Skilled, Communication, Scope (Social), Strength in Numbers (x2), Summonable
Skills: Intimidation (Good), Rapport, Weapons (Fair), Intimidation, Resolve (Average)

Minions – six Fair (+2) bodyguards

Fate: 3
Refresh: 3

Health: OOOOOO
Composure: OOOOOOO

Energy Pistol (+4)
Energy Shield -2 (minor|major|severe)
ISO Communicator


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