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Character sheets and descriptions for PCs and NPCs of the World Without Syn campaign.

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Player Characters

The Bright Dominion

  • Mistress Luxor Bright
  • Captain Arkhet: Younger brother of Admiral Khopesh, captain of the Bright frigate Hakar.
  • Lieutenant Khara: Lieutenant serving under Captain Arkhet, warrior.
  • Admiral Khopesh: Lady Luxor Bright’s chief military officer, aboard the Tolme.
  • Ambassador Naram: Chief diplomat of the Bright Dominion.

House Verlaine / The Silver Citadel

  • Proddo Kroun: Department of Inquisitive Sciences, opportunist.
  • Paldamar Varic: Aide to the Dowager Duchess, impresario.
  • Duchess Constance Verlaine
  • Doctor Uhl: 2-space researcher (presumed deceased)
  • Star Princess Marie Verlaine: Oh no, she’s back.

The Xiang-Di Monarchy

  • Duke Aldo Serekhan – Noble, member of Cult of Shattered Star
  • Parion – Aldo’s “Senior Advisor”
  • Alaxos Tyral: House of Tyral, noble drunk
  • Tobias Sontis: Snob and wastrel
  • Rayner Albrecht: Drinker and libertine

The Tribulation

  • Captain Lodu Sorren: Wing captain of the Tribulation.
  • Sirena Tyral: Noble daughter, scout, black sheep of the Tyral family.
  • Merzan: Sirena’s lieutenant
  • Zado Vull: Mysterious assassin
  • Gripper “Boom” Howell: Marine commander
  • Sandus Tyral: Noble warrior, arrogant bastard
  • Silk Tannen: quartermaster, engineer, jack-of-all-trades
  • Captain Walker: Commands the Valiant (or was it the Vengeance?)

The Oponna Trade Clans

  • Quinnar: Tulkana clan leader
  • Quappha: Daughter of Quinnar
  • Virolan: Miphuna clan leader
  • Sapporus: Son of Virolan

Gulach Starport, Gulacho

  • Ashran Sheartooth: Augren cab driver
  • Pars Kanik: Razeor “goods” dealer at the Drome

Audion Station

  • Channadravad: Black market merchant

Shanga Station

  • Captain Kellik: Commands Shanga Station
  • Garu Gent: Lawbag aboard Shanga Station
  • Tavos Heks: Inquisitor of the ISO
  • Trin Shodon: Exiled Crucible scientist
  • Janos One-Howl: Gobonn enforcer
  • Zenbog: Sales-thing
  • Sorv Elysar: Dockmaster
  • 9-Li Anax – medical droid
  • Kyler Leroun – merchant
  • Teemu Lashclaw: Gabonn boss aboard Shanga
  • Royce Nine: Merchant Captain


  • Lungren Bath: A truly foul merchant
  • Kaina van Drake: Freebooter pilot, captain of the Valkyrie
  • Sergeant “Regs” Murphy: Syn soldier, served with Zeen Lone
  • Fyra Lil’tatha’hi’wathi’omala’irten’rivas: Former Hintis slave
  • Typhon: Massive Traveler-constructed robot




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